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Golden Oriental Ancient Tree Tea 

Golden Oriental has three ancient tea mountains in northern Chiang Mai, Thailand. located at 1200 meters above sea level, 100 kilometers away from the Pu'er tea producing area of Yunnan,  a large-leaf species, and belongs to the core area of ​​Pu'er tea ancient trees.

The peak of Fairy Peak Tea Garden, Fairy Mountain, is about 2000 meters above sea level. According to legend, more than 2,000 years ago, Princess Taibei came here and was fascinated by the magnificent scenery and local customs. She did not want to return to the Royal Palace. Settled here and thrived here. Thousands later, in order to commemorate their beautiful princess, they named the ancient tea mountain Fairy Mountain ...

Zen tea tasting, the monastic practice can easily make people feel drowsy, tea is a good medium. Fresh and quiet to help practice. It is a good convenience to bring the culture of drinking tea to tea while Buddhism was taken to Thailand 1300 years ago. After more than 1,000 years of development, 10,000 mu of ancient tea gardens have been formed around the Millennium Ancient Temple.

Duoshuishan Ancient Tea Garden is located in the National Park of Thailand. The square garden is covered by 50 kilometers of virgin forest and there is no modern agriculture. According to legend, this is where the Thai people's dragon veins are located. The continuous mountains have 5 creeks that flow all year round. It is one of the sources of the Chao Phraya River in Thailand and is therefore specially protected by the Thai government. When the ancient tea garden was repaired in 2015, a large amount of porcelain and bricks were dug. According to expert evaluation, these porcelains belong to Song Dynasty porcelain. Combined with the local aboriginal "tea-eating" custom, it is preliminarily judged that the tea garden began to form before the Song Dynasty in China.

Good tea has been made in the mountains and clouds since ancient times. The tea garden has a warm climate with clouds. The plants are rich and diverse, and the millennium ancient tea trees are densely packed. Dead grass leaves form a naturally rich organic fertilizer. Healthy and natural ecological balance and order, Cordyceps flowers and birds are colorful and full of vitality ...

Deep Eastern's single tea plantation model caused huge damage to the environment, the ecological environment was destroyed, and fertilizers and pesticides were prevented. Therefore, the protection of the ancient tea garden has become our top priority. Developed reasonably with minimal human intervention. Everything is as it was originally. Spread ecological agriculture. Establish the concept of ecological agriculture. Increase farmers' income and help some farmers escape poverty. The Thai government's great support and affirmation.

The purely handmade tea-making method perfectly presents the unique charm of ancient tree tea. Wither naturally, fry by hand, rub by hand, and dry in the sun. The harmonious unity of man and nature is vividly reflected in your tasting. The original sweetness is rich and diverse, and the fresh nourishing aftertaste is endless. It's like being out of the world, being in the landscape. A cup of natural organic ancient tree tea that you can really drink with peace of mind.

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