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The 2024 spring tea is really accepting reservations

Thank you tea friends for your continued support and affirmation. 2024 Ancient Tree Spring Tea officially accepts reservations.

The busy infrastructure construction has just come to an end, and in about a week, the ancient spring tea from the Golden Oriental Ancient Tea Manor will be launched one after another. This year’s climate is the driest since 2019. The old trees and new tea are rich in nutrients from heaven and earth and are growing vigorously. A small amount of head harvesting is expected to begin next week. 2024 Ancient Tree Spring Tea is worth looking forward to

about Us

First: Manor-style management, self-produced and sold, the real source of ancient tree tea, supervised by tea lovers 365 days a year.

Golden Oriental has its own seven ancient tea mountains and one ancient tea manor, which are connected by mountains and rivers. The ancient tea manor is located among them, forming a unique and superior natural ecology. Birds are singing and flowers are fragrant. Greenery. All ancient tree tea comes from our own tea mountains. Every piece of tea can be traced back to its source and the quality is stable.


Second: Only produce high-quality products to serve high-end niche tea lovers who pursue original ecology.

The Golden Oriental Ancient Tea Manor is located in a primeval forest at an altitude of about 1300-1800 meters. This is a paradise for various animals and plants, with clean air and pure water. Litter leaves form natural organic humus soil that nourishes the ancient tea trees. This gives tea its unique mellow aroma and honey-sweetness unique to nature. Because of the ultimate pursuit of original ecology, just for a cup of clean and good tea. Follow the laws of nature and let tea trees grow healthily in a natural ecological environment.



Third: Standard modern tea factory


The newly built factory covers an area of 1,000 square meters and is located in the golden Oriental ancient tea manor. The high-standard factory combines superior natural tea-making environmental conditions to produce clean, high-quality virgin forest ancient tree tea.

Become our VIP


First: Purchase golden oriental ancient tree tea for more than 3 consecutive years, with a total purchase of more than 10 kilograms per year

Second: Purchase more than 30 kilograms at one time

Third: Recommend friends to buy, more than 10 kilograms per year for 3 consecutive years

Golden Oriental VIP customer benefits

First: Every year, we spend 3-7 days purifying and recuperating at the Golden Oriental Ancient Tea Manor in Chiang Mai, Thailand, allowing our body and soul to rest and sublimate (picking tea, making tea, drinking tea, hiking, and meditating). Airport transfer, Room and board are free.

Second: Free private customization, unlimited quantity

Third: Give priority to special orders such as single plants, tall poles, purple buds and other limited-quantity rare varieties.

Please consult us for more details


As always great price

Gushu Shengpu 200g round cake: US$79/cake

Ancient tree white tea 200g round cake: US$79/cake

Purple Bud Shengpu 200g round cake: US$99/cake

Purple Bud White Tea 200g round cake: US$99/cake

Ancient Tree Black Tea 200g loose tea: $79

Ordering methods and consultation

1. Place an order via WeChat:

Chiang Mai Huang Aimin WeChat ID taiguocorner

Sophie WeChat ID wxid_4lu2t9hbjloh12

2. Purchase from the official website:

payment method

1. WeChat payment

2. Bank transfer

3.Paypal payment

4.Zelle 8314196758

Contact information

Golden Oriental Silicon Valley Tea Culture Exchange Center

Address: 4250 Williams Road, San Jose, CA 95129, USA

Phone: +1 831-419-6758 +1 831-334-2366

WeChat: goldenorientaltea, (official website)

Golden Oriental Chiang Mai Factory

Address: Chiang Mai, Mae Taeng District, Pa Pae, ม.12

Phone: +66 85-867-6837

WeChat: taiguocorner

Golden Oriental China Warehouse (Only shipping, not selling)

Address: No. 118, Xingfu Community, Tongshan County, Hubei Province

Phone: 13451112323

Contact person: Ms. Ruan

Thanks for having you all the way


March 21, 2024

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