The Best way to enjoy the nuances of tea in the simplest way. This mug has three pieces the Mug, the Filter, and the lid. to use take simply remove the lid and put your tea leaves in the filter section and pour hot water over the tea. With high-quality teas like the gushu (ancient tree) teas offered by Golden Oriental, the Flavor only takes seconds to extract while not over extracting as you may with traditional brewing methods. The proper extraction of tea essence allows elevates the tea. The removable filter gives you much greater control over the extraction of tea flavors. The lid also serves as a coaster for the filter allowing to you enjoy tea without worrying about cleaning up. Works Perfectly With Golden Oriental Tea Pearls. Simple Elegant and timeless design. constructed with Porcelain, Fired in a kiln over 2400 F


  • Three Piece Cup with Cup, Tea Filter Basket, and Lid.
  • 13.52oz/400ml capacity
  • Simple and Elegant Tea Container Included, Give your favorite tea a special place to rest
  • Enhances the Taste of all teas with better control over brewing Time
  • Recommended for Tea of very High quality without sacrificing the nuances of flavor.


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Tea Mug Set