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Golden Oriental Ancient Tree Tea 

The Golden Oriental Ancient Tea estate, nestled deep within the pristine jungles of northern Thailand's Chiang Mai, rises majestically between elevations of 1300 meters to 1800 meters. Embracing seven ancient tea mountains and a magnificent tea estate, this haven is adorned with lush century-old evergreen trees, each bearing the finest large-leafed ancient tea. Connecting mountains and waters, it creates a unique and unparalleled natural ecosystem, resounding with the harmonious symphony of birdsong and the fragrant blooms of countless flowers. Verdant and vibrant, it provides an exceptional ecological environment for the cultivation of tea.

At the heart of Golden Oriental lies a manor-style management system, epitomizing the essence of self-sufficiency and exclusivity. Every single tea leaf originates solely from our own tea mountains, ensuring a traceable provenance and a steadfast commitment to unwavering quality. With an unwavering dedication to purity, we delve deep into the heart of the primal forest, diligently working the land to bring forth only the most exquisite offerings. We proudly accompany the global connoisseurs of high-end tea on their quest for an authentic, unadulterated experience. As true pioneers of the tea industry, we are the guardians of its pristine origins.