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Ancient tree tea and Farmed tree tea

Ancient tea tree


Farmed tea garden

Ancient tree tea refers to tea trees that have survived for more than 100 years, and is also called big tree tea. It does not require artificial watering and fertilization, and is a naturally growing tea tree. Farmed tea is artificially cultivated tea, using modern tea planting technology, relying on artificial cultivation and management. Compared with the ancient tree tea, the Farmed tea is younger and the tea is newer. So, what is the difference between ancient tree tea and ecological tea?

The leaves of the ancient tree tea are fatter than those of the ecological tea, the texture of the leaf surface is obvious, the leaf veins are clear, and the leaf back hair is less. Farmed tea is planted with a weak leaf body, the leaves have the shape of waves, and the back of the leaves is hairy.

2.Leaf bottom
The old leaves of the ancient tree tea have good levels of elongation, flexibility, hypertrophy, and the bottom of the Farmed tea does not stretch, has less taste, brittle, and thin.

3. Taste
The ancient tree tea has a rich taste. The strictness and richness of the tea are high. The exuding power is smooth and durable. The taste of the farmed tea is light, and the taster is more bitter than that of the ancient tree tea. 

4. Charm
The imported ancient tree tea has a mellow gastrointestinal tract, strong aroma penetrating power, and long-lasting flavor stays in the mouth. The bitterness of the bitterness makes the mouth feel refreshed and the taste is very comfortable. Eco-tea stays in the tea for a short period of time, with insufficient shengjin, short-term flavor, and slightly worse taste than the old tree tea.

The aroma of ancient tree tea will be long-lasting and deep. The aroma of ecological tea is short-lived.

6. Yield
Ancient tree tea is grown in a natural ecological situation. Ecological tea is planted on a large scale and modern cultivation and conservation. The output of ancient tree tea is small, it is not easy to pick, and it is expensive. The output of farmed tea is large, and it is the product of modern agricultural technology.

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