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Coming Soon... Yellow Bourbon Arabica!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

As we were looking for the Tea of the highest quality we stumbled upon groves and groves of trees with huge bright yellow fruits. These were rare yellow bourbon arabica coffee trees gifted to the village by the king of Thailand to help lift them out of poverty but have been forgotten we will carry on the king's noble wishes to use these gifts to help as many people as we can. these trees were left alone for 40 years and have rooted themselves deeply and have grown furiously and propagated themselves by the movement of birds and critters.

In order to honor these tree's origins and history, our coffee is processed in the most natural way possible to pronounce the flavor of these trees. every coffee cherry is handpicked at the peak of its flavor. we then use the honey processing method and allow the beans to ferment and produce complex flavors while mixing with the cherry's fruit flesh. Producing a fruity yet bright flavor to the

coffee. We asked a world-renowned coffee roaster to roast our beans and participated in a coffee tasting at Chiangmai university on our first try we were able to score with the best coffee in the world. these beans are perfectly suited for pour-over brewing, this method brings out the delicate bright fruity notes that make the perfect part of waking up. these beans also work well

with espresso with a well pulled shot the coffee tastes like sweet caramel that works beautifully as a snack by itself or as a base for an incredible cappuccino.

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