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Water For Tea

Water is the mother of tea. Since ancient times there have been teas with tea

Regarding the water for making tea, Lu Yu once clearly stated in the Tea Classic: "Mountain water is best, River water is mediocre and well water is acceptable" Lu Yu believes that mountains, rivers, and wells can be used as long as they are appropriate. With mountain spring water as the top.

the best water can make mediorce tea shine, bad water can make great tea unexceptional, and great water can make great truly a truly splendid experience. Based on long-term tea experience and research, it is found that natural and non-polluted mountain spring water tea is the best. High-quality mineral water can be selected in the city, preferalby naturally weak Alkaline water, and it should be soft water with high activity. 

Distilled water is too pure, and the minerals and trace elements in it have been processed. It is not suitable for making tea. Tap water is not suitable for making tea because of chemical disinfection.

The wind and the moon of millenia, meet water to become immortals in the world of a cup of tea, let us abandon the troubling thoughts in our minds and focus on tea and water.

Quiet the heart. Quiet return to the present. Watch your heart quietly. Become the master of your own heart, to not compete with worldly affairs, to win or lose. To only watch with the hearts and minds of grass and trees.

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