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What is golden oriental tea?

Wild camellia generally refers to the wild tea tree community that grows in alpine wilderness. It is a naturally grown, non-commonly called artificially cultivated tea garden group. This type of tea generally grows in alpine wilderness at an altitude of about 700 meters. Overlapping mountains, undulating hills and creeks, criss-crossed streams, and dense forests form a unique ecological environment. Clouds and mists linger all year round, high relative humidity, short sunshine hours, diffuse light, temperature uniformity, and deep and fertile soil. Tea trees grow in this unique environment all year round. They are moisturized by fog and dew, the buds and leaves are thick, the leaves are tender, and the white leaves are exposed, which is conducive to the formation of nitrogen compounds, so the content of theanine and anthocyanins is high.

Barren camellia coexists with a variety of moss and weeds, low shrubs and tall trees, and scattered scattered tea trees. Trees vary in height and width. It has never applied chemical fertilizers, sprayed pesticides, etc., nor has it cultivated or managed artificially.


Growth environment of Golden Oriental Tea:
Due to the large temperature difference between day and night in the area where Huangshan tea is located, it is beneficial to the accumulation of substances, and the effective ingredients in tea are increased. And the soil has good physical properties, rich in organic matter, high in total nitrogen and ecological phosphorus, and moderate in pH. Generally, huangshan tea gardens are mostly distributed in the deep valleys of mountain docks. The soil is deep and fertile, the structure is loose, the drainage is good, the organic matter is rich, and it is acidic, which is conducive to the growth of tea trees. Among the virgin forests of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, these places have high elevations so all four seasons are like spring. The annual rainfall there is between 1200 and 2000 mm and the relative humidity is above 80%. As the tea tree has been growing in such a warm and humid ecological environment for a long time, it has formed an ecological characteristic that loves warmth and loves humidity. The most suitable temperature for tea tree growth is 20-30 ° C, the monthly rainfall is above 120 mm, and the relative humidity is between 80-90%. Under such ecological conditions, tea trees not only grow fast, but also have good tea quality.

At the same time, Huangshan trees grow in large forests. Under the shade of the forest, there is less direct light. Tea trees have gradually formed shade-resistant ecological characteristics under the environment of weak light for a long time. Tea tree leaves contain more chlorophyll B. Chlorophyll B has high absorption and utilization efficiency of blue-violet light. There is more blue-violet light in the diffused light, which ensures that the tea tree can effectively use the light energy in the diffused light. At the same time, in the forest, due to the accumulation and decay of the litter layer, a humus soil layer is formed, the soil organic matter is rich, and the soil layer is deep, which is also conducive to the growth of wild camellia trees.

The characteristics of golden oriental tea:

It is precisely because of the unique ecological environment of the huangshan tea plantation that it is beneficial to the synthesis and accumulation of nitrogen compounds and certain aromatic substances, which makes the amino acid content higher, the aroma precursor substances, especially the terpene aroma substances, increase, and the tea polyphenol content Lower, which improves the quality of tea. As a result, its characteristics of Huangshan Tea are formed: the shape of the bar is tight and strong, the buds are exposed, the color is oily and tender, the inner aroma has a special flower and fruit aroma, and the fragrance is high and long-lasting. The taste is rich, fresh, strong, and smooth, and the color is clear and bright. The bottom of the leaves is soft and bright, resistant to brewing, strong in tenderness, and lasting. The fragrance of tea in your room will be refreshing.

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