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Black Tea: It's Most Powerful Benefit

In this video, we’re going to talk about black tea. What are the most powerful benefits of black tea? Let’s take a look.

Black tea…

• Regulates glucose

• Lowers cholesterol

• Has antiviral properties

• Has antibacterial properties

• Helps prevent cavities

• Helps decrease the risk of osteoporosis

• Helps decrease the risk of metabolic syndrome

• Helps reduce gum disease

• Has anti-cancer properties

• Supports healthy blood pressure levels

• Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease

• Lowers risk of stroke Now, it’s important to note that you won’t see these benefits on an unhealthy diet.

They can’t make up for poor diet choices. However, if you are on a healthy keto diet, black tea can help support your body and promote these health benefits. In my opinion, the biggest benefit of black tea has to do with its anti-cancer properties. Black tea is an oxidized version of green tea. This gives you a new compound called theaflavin. This is a powerful phytonutrient that gives black tea a red tint. FAS stands for fatty acid synthase. What does this mean? It’s an enzyme that helps you make lipids in your body. Cancer cells happen to need a lipid membrane to exist. The enzyme that makes this fatty acid is overexpressed in cancerous tissue. Black tea helps inhibit this enzyme. In turn, this helps lower the risk of cancer.

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